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Did ya get that? If you didn’t its just the correct term for upper GI scope. 

The reason we are having the scope done is because Luke has severe reflux while on 30 mg of Prevacid a day and gags and vomits while he eats periodically. It could be reflux or damage from reflux causing the gagging and vomiting or eczema in the esophagus causing the gagging, or structurally something is wrong. Dr. Fiedorick, who is an amazing man, gave us two options: 1: Perform the GI Scope and KNOW what the problems is and go about correcting it or 2: Play with the meds which means things might get worse before they get better

I chose option 1. I was worried how Nick would feel but I just decided instead of playing with meds trying to figure out the right combo we should go look and see if there is damage from reflux or what could be wrong so that we would know FOR SURE how to fix it. In the end, Nick was ok with it.

On the up side, it took 3 months to see Dr. F but only 4 days to schedule the scope at ACH!

Yesterday was pretty strange. Luke couldn’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight and he typically nurses once or twice at night for comfort to get back to sleep. I totally forgot that breastmilk is a thin liquid and ok before surgery since it would be 6 more hours from when he would’ve nursed to the time or the procedure. Anyways, we all got up with Luke at 2am and Nick took over caring for him then since Luke as crawling all over me to nurse. 

We got to ACH at 5:30 but we weren’t supposed to check in til 6:30 so Luke and Nick slept a little bit. Poor Nick was just sick with nerves although I was pretty laid back about it. Luke slept through me getting him out of the car, walking across campus into ACH, through ACH hallways and the entire time (45 mins to 1 hr) we sat in the waiting room. 


(notice Mickey in his lap)

When they finally called us back to prep him he woke up. What a sad awakening! They measured him and he was 32 inches. (Remember last week at neurology they measured him at 29 inches and I said it was wrong… SEE.. 32 inches is much more accurate sounding,… I digress..) got his head measurements ( I dont remember) and his weight.. 22 lbs naked. 

They took us back to a little room and we dressed him in tiny little yellow hospital pants and shirt. We had to cover up his feet with a blanket because they had already put the pulse ox on him and he was flipping out at the thing on his toe. We played Mickey on Nicks iPhone for Luke to distract him which worked pretty well until someone else came in the room.


Lots of people stopped in to tell us about the procedure, the meds, etc. One of the cool things was the air gun to shoot the ‘i dont care meds” into Luke. (A CO2 air gun was used instead of a needle) 

After a while the “i dont care meds” helped calm him down a little and the nurse came to take him away. She had my lay him on the baby bed to roll him away but my lil trooper surely fights to the end so she had to carry him while pushing the bed. LOL.. my poo baby. We followed the blue feet back to the waiting room and we stopped at the doors. We listened to Luke screaming all the way in the back. My kid has PIPES yall! Dont believe that line about babies needing to cry it out to strengthen their lungs. Luke has never cried anything out and that kids got a set on him!

So, we waited around 30 mintues to hear anything. The procedure took about 25 minutes. He was to have laughing gas, to be intubated, and then the scope, spend some time in recovery, and then wake up with us there. Thats pretty much what happened although from the time we talked to Dr F after the procedure to the time we could see him was like 45 minutes. I think. It was really way too long. We had time to update Facebook statuses, make a couple phone calls, and talk to each other for a while. We reeeally wanted to see Luke. 

When they took us back he was all laid out on his little bed. He looked good! I remember stories of my parents being scared to death after my surgery but this was much less and Luke had a good pink color. I wanted to take a photo of how he was sleeping but thought I should ‘be in the moment’ instead. So, moment gone.. but I have the memory! 

She said everyone said to let him sleep until we could come back because he would freak out if we werent there. Funny how quickly people pick up on this about Luke. Im glad though.. we were worried he was back there screaming without us. I rubbed on his little head and he sat up and reached for Nick. He had wires every where so the nurse helped us get him up. I took him and sat in a rocker and gave him a sippy of juice. He chewed on it and eventually drank enough (darn this teething!) that we could dress him and leave. 


The rest of the day we were zapped. We ate lunch and Luke had lots of juice to drink and cheerios. We napped for a few hours and Luke seemed totally back to normal. As Nick put it to the nurse who called to check on him this morning, “Six hours after the procedure he was getting into trouble! He’s great!” 

Pretty much Luke is doing well. The Dr. said he found no structural abnormalities or any obvious damage. He did take several biopsies and will call us next week with the results. He’s looking for infections in the biopsies. Also, he’ll let us know about the liver functions, blood work, and the celiac markers then as well.

The only thing he found was at the top of the esophagus. “Esophageal candidiasis“. Basically, thrush or a yeast infection. 

Patients with esophageal candidiasis present with odynophagia, or painful swallowing. 

Dr. F asked us if he had ever had thrush. We battled thrush for months when he was first born. It was constant so it appears this could possibly be the cause of the gagging and vomiting. He showed us on the photo where the plaques were.


However, he didnt think that this could really be the cause because it was so minimal unless the yeast had recently grown smaller. To treat it we’re starting a 10 day round of Diflucan and we’re to watch for any improvements. Although, it’s looking more like this is going to be a texture issue if anything. 

We’ll talk to the Dr about his reflux control when he calls with the results next week. Luke is still having wet burps, hiccuping, and ‘spitting up’ espisodes so he might want to adjust the meds still. 





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FYI, we will be at ACH Tuesday at 6:30 am for Luke’s upper GI scope.

Please pray that Dr. F can see any problems and be able to help our little man out.

More later … I’m moble blogging 😉

Lee Ann

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