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Swing Swing

Dad found a new way to entertain after the swinging gets boring…

I vow to keep recording until I get a clip that will win me $10,000!! Stay tuned!



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After Luke had his blood drawn at ACH for his allergy test we went to have lunch with my mom and Eric (it was his last day of school). 












Then we all went to take some baseball photos in vintage uniforms (a few photos are in an album on my moms facebook account) then we went to Mills Park for some fun.












As always you can find more photos on facebook.. 

It was a good day. Luke and Eric got along so well the whole time. I kept Luke awake until Nick got home and then Luke CRASHED hard for 2.5 hrs!! Talk about worn out! 


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Ball caps are TOO grown up

This cap really makes him look older than he is! Yikes! I’m not sure I like it really.

He loves wearing hats and chooses to wear them inside during the day. He also knows to grab his hat that hangs on his hook by the door when we tell him he can go outside!

He apparently prefers bucket hats to call caps so ihad to wear this tiny cap on for a while until he would let me put it on him. And even that took convincing.

Silly boy (who is 15 mos old!)

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Do you want to go outside?

Now that Spring is here (well, sort of… it’s been in the eighties all week but it’s supposed to snow tonight) Luke is enjoying the outdoors.  We can’t pass the patio door without him squealing with delight, only to cry when he realizes we aren’t going outside.  I kept him last night while Lee Ann was at dance so I figured I’d let him run around in the back yard, push him in the swing a bit and just enjoy the longer days.

So tired…


Deep in thought…


Hey, there’s the dog!


Where’d the dog go?



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