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Appt went great!

Another mobile blog post here. I just don’t have the time to sit down and open my laptop some weeks.

The ENT appt went well. His tubes are still in place and wide open.

Dr. G asked a lot of questions about Lukes speech & feeding therapy, general development, hearing, and his follow up appts with the ENT at ACH.

We will be given another appt in 4-6 mos to see if the tubes are still in place. I can’t remember exactly, but a high percentage of kids who have tubes once will require repeated tubes. He just wants to keep an eye on things.

Speech went pretty well today! Monday was horrible. I think C is starting to try new strategies with Luke. Also, she is trying to incorprate parallel play since Luke is so shy. Another little girl will start her therapy in Lukes area and play close to him. He didn’t like being near her at all today!

DT went well Tuesday. He played in the bean pit! Bug advancement!


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