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Ohhh… the Dentist

I’m so sad! My 2 year old has his first cavity.

We were all hoping he’d have my perfectly aligned, bright white all on their own, pretty teeth but nooooo he got his daddys’ teeth dadgumit! I noticed about 3 weeks ago he had a spot on his tooth right in front on a canine. I tried to brush it off, floss it away, and pick at it but then I realized.. it was a HOLE IN HIS TOOTH! E gads..

We finally made it to Bevans Pediatric Dentistry Tuesday. They said I couldnt go back with him which there was no way he was going to go alone. So, the did the quick look-see in a conference type room. Aaaaaand of course he screamed bloody murder. He has one cavity and one stain. I was scared that stain was a cavity on his molar.

Luke will be getting a filling for that canine cavity. Sadly, theyre afraid to sedate him for it so he has to have a papoose board for it in the ‘quiet room’. Basically.. he’s going to come away terrorized. Greeeaaat.

He will be strapped down onto a board and his arms will be tied down. Then theyre going to try to fill the cavity without local anesthetic if its shallow enough. Theyre worried about his seizure risk with some of the meds they use. I was REALLY hoping they could just knock him out for this. It would be so much easier and far less traumatic.

The big day is next Tuesday but he had neurology on Monday so Im thinking thats a whole lot in one week. Ill just have them reschedule it for the next week I guess.


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