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I’m going to hit the highlights of the last several months so this one goes allll the way back to mid November when P.E.A.C.E. presented the Passionate for Purple Gala.

I won 2 tickets to attend this swanky fundraiser for my favorite local organization. I saw that the Little Rock Family magazine’s Facebook fan page was hosting a giveaway for a random commenter. I was the 5th person to comment that my child had epilepsy. Apparently, the random number generator came up with 5 and they were looking for a person who mentioned their child. So, the 5th person to mention their child with epilepsy was me!! Lucky ol’ me!!!!

I found an awesome black dress, just my size, at a local consignment store. $35 for a $300+ BCBG dress! I found some amazingly perfect purple pumps (like my alliteration?) at Target for $25 and spent a few bucks on some jewelry. The piece that really set off my outfit was my purple zebra print half jacket or whatever something like that is called. Whatever it was totally pulled my thrown together in a couple days, super inexpensive outfit together. I had my cousin Marilee from Payton Place Salon do my hair and I total felt amazing with my hair done just right and my dress…

Nick and I had an amazing time. We met some really incredible people at the event, saw some young runway models give a fashion show, ate some yummy food from the Peabody (where it was hosted) and listened to Mr. Happy play music! We didn’t dance. Mr. KillJoy does the GOP Shuffle and refuses to dance in public. I also, won something I bid on at the silent auction! I bid on a $100 gift card to Payton Place, where Marilee works. I bid $50 so I was pretty happy about that one.

(This photo was taken by a local reporter for In Sync magazine or something like that. We were in print! People kept saying they saw us in the magazine!!)

After the event was over, a couple we met asked us to meet them in the bar to listen to some jazz music. I think we stayed out there until after 1am. It was the best night we have had in a long, long time. Consequently, it was the first night we had ever spent away from Luke. Now, I don’t mean that to sound like it was the best night because we were away from him! Because that’s not the case!

We spent the night at the Peabody. I was looking forward to getting some sleep but Nick was so anxious to see Luke he woke me up early! He says he was starving but we all know he was ready to get home to see his baby Luke! Mama, .. well, mama could’ve slept like 15 more hours and been ok getting home to Lukie later. 🙂 It’s just how those things go.


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If you’ll noticed there is a nifty little widget on the right side of this page. I decided to add a widget to help support the Childrens Miracle Network. Why not help kids who are in need? Especially when it’s as easy at this.

Here’s how YOU can help.

1. Click the SocialVibe badge to help now!

2. Colgate will task you with a few things to click on.

3. Hit submit!

No where will you be asked for your email address, phone number, or ANY personal info. Hot dog! This is seriously -no strings attached- fundraising for a good cause!

After you do all that you will be asked to crate a badge of your own you your blog! Do it. It’s a good thing. Colgate is giving cash to the Children’s Miracle Network for every click the badge gets with the follow through of the simple task it asks.

Seriously, this take less than a minute to do. LESS THAN A MINUTE! You can read blogs, surf Facebook, or blow your own nose in more time than that! So, I challenge you to click… do it… click it. You know you want to see what the cute, mildly amusing task is…


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