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Back in early August we took a trip to San Antonio to see my nephew Justin graduate Air Force Basic Military Training. It was pretty fun! Luke and I rode down with my sister, Melissa. We got to see Justin and hang out with him a lot. Also, my parents surprised me by having Nick take off work and come down too! I had no idea he would show up there! Such a good surprise!

We had some *long* days and Luke did so amazingly well. Partly due to the fact that we just were on full throttle all the time. I think if we had slowed down at all he mightve taken a nap! He did sleep a full night for the first time *EVER* down there.


We got to spend a lot of good time visiting with Justin and the rest of the family that got to come down.


Luke had a good time obviously..


Justin is right smack in the middle! We’re all SO proud of that boy!


Justin and his mama Melissa. This was the first time she had seen him in a couple months!


I’m not sure why this isn’t rotated but.. tilt to the left! So cute!He wore these all around the River Walk in SA!


The whole crowd of us headed to the Alamo for a nice leisurely tour on afternoon.


This has to be my favorite photo from the trip! If you can’t tell we all have giant smiles on our faces!


Rio Rio was a nice, over-priced, trendy Tex-Mex joint we ate at. Good food but nothing can beat some nasty, greasy, cheap El Chico’s Mexican..

After we tearfully said our goodbyes my sister and I shopped our way back to town. We had such a good time stopping to shop at the outlet malls. The highlight however, was Ikea. We both were newbies to Ikea and were in total shock & awe. I need to go back again some day..

Overall, the road trip went fantastic with no small thanks to Mr. DVD Player. We broke down & bought a strap on player for the car ride. Luke isn’t a fan of the car seat and we find we still use it more than we ought to. But a scream-fre car ride is always nice.

We were so ready to be home after that trip! We missed dada! That was a long time to be away from home for Luke!



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July 4, 2009

Here I go playing catch up…

We did have any stellar, big plans this past fourth.. Luke wouldn’t have done well with the fireworks. Which, in hindsight, could’ve been SO BAD because we almost went to see a fireworks display.


Dada colored with Lukie


Took him on a walk


Then we went to great grandma & grandpas house!


The water was icy cold!


Getting ready to grill!








Mamas lil firecracker!


After eating at the great grandparents house we stopped at Auntie & JPs house to shoot fireworks. Bad idea. There was a cute little Luke sized meltdown!

But we still had a good day with family!


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But do you listen…? 




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New Look?

I’m trying to find something I like better for the blog background. I thought this new look was fitting for a little boy but I hate that I don’t have a header photo anymore. 

What do you guys  think? Any opinions on the new look? Should I go back to the old look? Ah, so indecisive!


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These are all of Lukes blankets, some handmade, some heirloom, some store bought. None of which he uses 😥 

The child is a Stehle, and for those of you that don’t know, that means he’s hot natured and therefore refuses to be covered in any manner while sleeping. He takes after his dad and uncle very much in this regard. 


I cleaned out my linen closet and reorganized it. (One of my projects for this summer) Those 2 middle shelves hold all of Luke’s blankets now. He has more linens than Nick & I do. Although, we’re missing one quilt from my MIL. I don’t know how it got there but I’m thinking it’s in the attic. I’ve got to hunt that thing down before winter. I think it got lost in the move but I don’t know how one looses such a big item. 

I think I’ll take my sister’s advice and get a space saver storage bag to put all these in since they’re items we don’t usually use. I’m hoping I can use this space for items we use more frequently when I clean out the garage, office, and a few other closets. I have 3 wks left to do it! I don’t know if I can get it all finished!

Next item to tackle on my summer project list: PLAYROOM/OFFICE!


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I just found this in my saved drafts. lol. Oops… 


Luke starts his swimming lessons on Monday and he’s been getting some pool time in to prepare. 



We’re getting excited about swimming lessons. Im not sure what hell learn and what you CAN teach to an 18 month old about swimming.. And yes, if you do the math, I know hes not 18 months but hes close enough and they didnt ask. I dont guess theyre sticklers for age limits.

Sooo…. The next two weeks are going to be busy with swimming lessons, therapy, seeing off his cousin Justin to basic training for the Air Force, lots of activities to be completed for his lessons and helping mama get her act together since dance will be over for the summer! 


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I was cloth diapered for a bit as a baby. I had to be since I was rashy in disposables or certain brands of them. Luke tends to be a rashy baby too .. 

I LOVE cloth daipering.. I am SO spoiled by it. The cost of NOT buying diapers.. how CUTE his lil bum looks.. and the fact that I’m doing my tiny part in saving the world (kinda) isn’t too bad either. The main reason we CD (cloth daiper) is the moo-la. We would go bankrupt if we had to wrap that lil bottom in ‘sposies. WHEW! 

I thought I would give a mini tutorial on my Fuzzi Bunz (FB’s)


Here are some mircofiber doublers used for extra absorbancy.


Here are some hemp inserts. FYI, when these are wet they smell funny. Knowing this now, I would only buy microfiber or bamboo inserts. I plan to make the switch at some point.


These are the microfiber inserts, not to be confused with the microfiber doublers. These hold much more than doublers. 


These are prefold CDs, you know, Birds Eye brand cloth diapers that people use as burp cloths. I needed something in a jiffy one day and cut the ends off the large diapers and folded them to stuff the pocket diapers.


Here is the assortment of diaper laundry.


I take a microfiber insert + doubler OR hemp insert + doubler OR microfiber insert + prefold diaper and stuff the outer pocket diaper. It took trail and error to figure out which combo worked best for my ultra super soaker. We think his combination of meds must be some kind of mystery diuretic. 


These are a few of the different fun colors of FBs. This is the outer part that you see. 


And here is Luke’s diaper drawer. We have 18 Medium Fuzzi Bunz which, from what I understand, is *NOTHING* compared to most people’s CD stashes. I launder roughly every other day. Occasionally, I end up being gone during the day for several days in a row and dont realize I need to wash so we might throw on a ‘sposie during a wash cycle but generally we TRY to keep that to a minimum. 

However, we have decided to switch to disposable diapers for overnights. I just CAN NOT keep that boy dry at night. Sadly, we’ve been using and trying out different brands for overnight and that kids pees through those too. I hate to wake up next to him covered in pee… it’s so sad!

I’m just about ready to go back to CDs for overnights and save my $$$. If he’s going to pee regardless, I might as well keep my cash. Right?

Also, Im thinking of tossing the prefolds and purchasing some bamboo inserts. Im tired of the prefolds and messing with folding them. lol Isnt that funny, I fold CDs but I dont want to fold a prefold CD??? What’s up with THAT!?

Once the diaper is dirty:

-Separate inserts from cover and toss into dry pail. If poo is firm, toss into toilet, otherwise it will wash out.

-Once you have enough for a load run a cold rinse cycle with no detergent. 

-Add Charlie Soap. Run hot cycle followed by cold rinse.  (Use a detergent that wont cause build up)

-Dry in dryer on gentle with medium heat. 

Now, with FBs and all the other kinds of pocket diapers (and other diapers also) wash routines vary. But this is what we do and it works for us. 

If we ever have leaks or the diapers begin to smell like ammonia we will *strip the diapers* (strip them of detergent build up or bacteria) 

Strip Routine

-Follow above wash routine

-After first hot wash cycle with Charlies Soap, run second hot wash with Baking Soda

-Run third (or fourth hot wash if necessary) followed by cold rinse

-Dry as above


Luke just wouldn’t be Luke without his Fuzzi Bunz. They lend much to his character!



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