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TEFRA/Medicaid and Luke

Lee Ann asked me to do a short post about Luke’s recent TEFRA filings and how things are moving (or not) on that front.

I sent in a substantial check to cover three months’ TEFRA premiums.  Of course, I’ve already received an invoice as if I only paid for one month.  I guess I’ll deal with that this weekend.  Anyway, we thought his medicines would finally be covered; anything insurance didn’t pay, TEFRA should pay in full.  Guess what?  It’s not so.

Medications have to be on the “approved” list, and of course, Luke’s medicine was not.  In their infinite wisdom, the mighty federal government has decided that the acid reflux medicine he is on can only be paid for if the person was first on another particular one for 2 months.  So, after fighting reflux for practically 19 months and finally getting it under control, the government is forcing Luke on to a medicine we and his doctor KNOW will not work and will probably cause him discomfort for 60 long days and nights.

Fortunately, Luke is a sweet kid with a good disposition, and he’ll get through it just fine.



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Luna Moth

Luke and I are away in San Antonio to see my nephew, Justin, graduate from AF Basic Training. So, until we return with new photos.. here is a post I drugged up from my draft folder. Sorry it’s so old.


Luke wasn’t impressed with the Luna moth we found on the outside of the garage the morning we got home from his upper GI scope. Too bad. It was pretty awesome.



The photos taken by the awesome Mr. N. Stehle 😉

We had a way more cool vibrate GREEN Luna moth at the old house. 

Harmony ate it.    She eats all kinds of things.  



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But do you listen…? 




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New Look?

I’m trying to find something I like better for the blog background. I thought this new look was fitting for a little boy but I hate that I don’t have a header photo anymore. 

What do you guys  think? Any opinions on the new look? Should I go back to the old look? Ah, so indecisive!


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Updated Blogroll

Just a small PSA: I have update the blogroll to the right with some more excellent blogs that I follow. Check them out and if you have a blog that I need to be following, email me, comment, or facebook me with the link. I ❤ me some RSS feeds for blog following. 



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These are all of Lukes blankets, some handmade, some heirloom, some store bought. None of which he uses 😥 

The child is a Stehle, and for those of you that don’t know, that means he’s hot natured and therefore refuses to be covered in any manner while sleeping. He takes after his dad and uncle very much in this regard. 


I cleaned out my linen closet and reorganized it. (One of my projects for this summer) Those 2 middle shelves hold all of Luke’s blankets now. He has more linens than Nick & I do. Although, we’re missing one quilt from my MIL. I don’t know how it got there but I’m thinking it’s in the attic. I’ve got to hunt that thing down before winter. I think it got lost in the move but I don’t know how one looses such a big item. 

I think I’ll take my sister’s advice and get a space saver storage bag to put all these in since they’re items we don’t usually use. I’m hoping I can use this space for items we use more frequently when I clean out the garage, office, and a few other closets. I have 3 wks left to do it! I don’t know if I can get it all finished!

Next item to tackle on my summer project list: PLAYROOM/OFFICE!


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92% of his life..

We did the math the other day: Luke has been on Phenobarbitol for 92% of his life. We don’t know him without the meds basically. He was 6 wks old when we started the meds. It’s kind of sad to think that just now, at 18.5 mos, we get to see what he’s really like. Don’t get me wrong, he had personality before, but this is just different. He’s *here*.. he’s participating in life. Whereas before, he just seemed… I guess, as high as a kite. He just kind of watched everything. It’s hard to explain the difference we see already. 

Bottom line…  The past 3-4 wks hes really changed. He’s turning out to be really funny.. I mean.. RE-HEALLY funny. The boy has this funny fake laugh he uses to get you to laugh at .. nothing! HAH! He just loves to laugh. He’s started signing *more* this past week which we have been working on for like.. a year now. And he uses it appropriately as well. It’s his own version but it certainly gets the point across. He signs *hat* also but needs more prompting with that one. He has started saying ‘uh huh’ better. It’s not so breathy and paused. He’s showing obvious signs of wanting to know more about the potty. 

Gosh, it’s just so good to see that hopefully, maybe it was the meds holding him back. Even if he has a seizure I’ll be so thankful to be off Phenobarb.. 


My goofy boy!



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