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So big boy here has very recently started showing interest in PL – potty learning. I picked up The No Cry Potty Training book and will also pick up some other potty learning books soon too.

He enjoys sitting on his potty. He claps for himself and points and directs me to do the same on my potty too. Lol. Yesterday morning we had to bribe him to get OFF the potty because he just wanted to sit there and be proud of himself! He even got a book once to read on the potty. That was cute!

So far he has peed in front of the potty on the floor. So close yet still so far away. He has pooped on the potty in his diaper, and again not quite there yet.

The fact that he can’t undress himself nor communicate either by sign or verbal means it’s going to be hard to PL right now. I don’t expect much obviously but he’s so slow to learn things I thought we should introduce it early.

We got the potty out at 12 mos and it took several months before he was ok with it being in the room.

It’s so exciting!
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The weaning process

Tuesday marks another mL less that we give Luke of his anti-convulsant. We started out at 8mL twice a day, then 7mL and now we’re currently on 6mL. Tomorrow we drop to 5mL. 

Wow. It’s going by fast. 

In a previous post, I mentioned that I would, without a doubt, be doing the 4 month wean instead of the 2 months wean that the neurologist suggested. I was overwrought with emotion and wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. After much thought and prayer, I decided on my own that we would do the shorter weaning than the longer. 

Here soon dance starts again and Luke won’t be in my care 24/7. If he’s going to have a recurrent seizure I would rather it be now, with me, than with Nick or my mom or whoever is keeping him at the time. I neglected to tell anyone this until my mom asked one day. Or maybe I just blurted it out. She was shocked nonetheless and asked why. I said that I would rather him seize with me and not her if he’s going to do it.. she thanked me and said she was worried about that happening. I told Nick about the my decision and the conversation with my mom and he was shocked too. He agreed that he’d rather have Luke at home with me if something were to happen. 

After harassing T in neurology for a week or two we finally got our 5mg Diastat emergency med Rx. I had an Rx for 2.5mg but Dr. Sharp called in a bigger dose for Luke if he had a recurrent seizure. If Luke does have a seizure we’ll switch to Keppra instead of going up on the Phenobarb doseage. 

So far so good I suppose. No seizures to report. We’re all on high alert here. I’ve had two nightmares that he was having seizures. That is always just about the worst dream to wake up from because is your bleary-eyed sleep deprived stupor at 1am while he *happenes* to be sleeping you can’t figure out what is the pillow and what is the baby next to you. Kinda makes you a little sick. 

The side affects from weaning are visible only slightly..  So far all we can tell is that his sleep is affected. He doesn’t seem anymore ‘alert’ or ‘aware’ yet. He does seem to stagger a bit more while he walks. Nick & I talked about this and we didn’t think so but I think maybe he is.. I dont know. It’s not a very obvious difference however. 

I just cant wait to get him off these meds! We’re hoping beyond all hope that all his delays go away after these meds get out of his system. I’m sure it will be a while before we see a noticeable change if the meds are what causes all his oral motor & speech delays, gross & fine motor delays & his social & developmental delays. 


((G-ma A’s birthday at Luigis) Cool Dude.. )


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Sleep Diary: Day 14 – Revelation

Roughly two weeks ago Luke’s night waking became ridiculous. He never was a good sleeper before but I told myself “this too shall pass” and just rolled with it. I adjusted myself to pretty much accommodate him and his early rising schedule. That sucked. I’m a total night owl (thanks Dad! 🙂  ) and so was Luke. However, he wanted to be an early riser too. Well kid, ya can’t have your cake AND eat it too.. not when everyone in the house is sleep deprived.

I read The No Cry Sleep Solution and it was eye opening and such a relief. Consequently, it has spurred the desire to read more in me! I feel like questions were answered and we have a good plan that will work for us. Pantley gives many different options that work in many different situations for varies family preferences. 

For the past two weeks we’ve seen an overall nice change I suppose. We have a set bedtime routine now and we had to drastically alter what we were doing in order to get this down. Luke does thrive off routine so this is nice. Sadly, now he knows what is coming and cries when he lies down in his *toddler bed* (Yes, we changed his crib to the toddler bed. Its so much easier on my back to patt him to sleep, hold his hand, etc) 

The night wakings are changing too. Overall they are shorter I think. Im not sure, Im pretty stupid tired at that hour of the night so I cant say for sure. The 4:30 waking however is still happening. I have a good solution to work with him on but its just so hard to motivate myself at 4:30am. 

Now, here’s the revelation part ..  Roughly two weeks ago we began to wean off his anti-convulsant. (Cue light bulb – on) 

DUH! HELLO? How’d we miss this.. Weaning off Phenobarbitol has been compared to coming off *crack*. Seriously. I’ll probably get this wrong but Nick was reading the other day that there have been people who were on Phenobarb and had also at some point done hard drugs including cocaine and they said as an adult, coming off the Phenobarb was *harder*. Yikes.

Sleep disturbances are a big part of the weaning off barbiturates. Once we realized this I felt like my sleep efforts were futile. What a waste of my two weeks of self sleep deprivation to actively encourage him to sleep through the night! But really, the routine needed to happen. He needed to be in bed at a decent hour. I needed to have a couple hours of adult time with my husband. 

It’s a good thing. This too shall pass.. 

but I miss nursing my baby to sleep..




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I just found these. I really need to keep better track of my photos… I have a mac. It’s more streamlined and organized than I can ever pretend to be.

Taken in the side yard. 16 mos old


He’s holding a Mickey flyer








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I just found this in my saved drafts. lol. Oops… 


Luke starts his swimming lessons on Monday and he’s been getting some pool time in to prepare. 



We’re getting excited about swimming lessons. Im not sure what hell learn and what you CAN teach to an 18 month old about swimming.. And yes, if you do the math, I know hes not 18 months but hes close enough and they didnt ask. I dont guess theyre sticklers for age limits.

Sooo…. The next two weeks are going to be busy with swimming lessons, therapy, seeing off his cousin Justin to basic training for the Air Force, lots of activities to be completed for his lessons and helping mama get her act together since dance will be over for the summer! 


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Ahh… young love…


Luke enjoys coloring.. well, really he enjoys coloring Minnie. 


That same page has been colored on for weeks now! He’ll stop for just a few moments and scribble on Minnie and leave. He’ll turn the page to another character and immediately find Minnie again. 

How funny is that?!



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I was cloth diapered for a bit as a baby. I had to be since I was rashy in disposables or certain brands of them. Luke tends to be a rashy baby too .. 

I LOVE cloth daipering.. I am SO spoiled by it. The cost of NOT buying diapers.. how CUTE his lil bum looks.. and the fact that I’m doing my tiny part in saving the world (kinda) isn’t too bad either. The main reason we CD (cloth daiper) is the moo-la. We would go bankrupt if we had to wrap that lil bottom in ‘sposies. WHEW! 

I thought I would give a mini tutorial on my Fuzzi Bunz (FB’s)


Here are some mircofiber doublers used for extra absorbancy.


Here are some hemp inserts. FYI, when these are wet they smell funny. Knowing this now, I would only buy microfiber or bamboo inserts. I plan to make the switch at some point.


These are the microfiber inserts, not to be confused with the microfiber doublers. These hold much more than doublers. 


These are prefold CDs, you know, Birds Eye brand cloth diapers that people use as burp cloths. I needed something in a jiffy one day and cut the ends off the large diapers and folded them to stuff the pocket diapers.


Here is the assortment of diaper laundry.


I take a microfiber insert + doubler OR hemp insert + doubler OR microfiber insert + prefold diaper and stuff the outer pocket diaper. It took trail and error to figure out which combo worked best for my ultra super soaker. We think his combination of meds must be some kind of mystery diuretic. 


These are a few of the different fun colors of FBs. This is the outer part that you see. 


And here is Luke’s diaper drawer. We have 18 Medium Fuzzi Bunz which, from what I understand, is *NOTHING* compared to most people’s CD stashes. I launder roughly every other day. Occasionally, I end up being gone during the day for several days in a row and dont realize I need to wash so we might throw on a ‘sposie during a wash cycle but generally we TRY to keep that to a minimum. 

However, we have decided to switch to disposable diapers for overnights. I just CAN NOT keep that boy dry at night. Sadly, we’ve been using and trying out different brands for overnight and that kids pees through those too. I hate to wake up next to him covered in pee… it’s so sad!

I’m just about ready to go back to CDs for overnights and save my $$$. If he’s going to pee regardless, I might as well keep my cash. Right?

Also, Im thinking of tossing the prefolds and purchasing some bamboo inserts. Im tired of the prefolds and messing with folding them. lol Isnt that funny, I fold CDs but I dont want to fold a prefold CD??? What’s up with THAT!?

Once the diaper is dirty:

-Separate inserts from cover and toss into dry pail. If poo is firm, toss into toilet, otherwise it will wash out.

-Once you have enough for a load run a cold rinse cycle with no detergent. 

-Add Charlie Soap. Run hot cycle followed by cold rinse.  (Use a detergent that wont cause build up)

-Dry in dryer on gentle with medium heat. 

Now, with FBs and all the other kinds of pocket diapers (and other diapers also) wash routines vary. But this is what we do and it works for us. 

If we ever have leaks or the diapers begin to smell like ammonia we will *strip the diapers* (strip them of detergent build up or bacteria) 

Strip Routine

-Follow above wash routine

-After first hot wash cycle with Charlies Soap, run second hot wash with Baking Soda

-Run third (or fourth hot wash if necessary) followed by cold rinse

-Dry as above


Luke just wouldn’t be Luke without his Fuzzi Bunz. They lend much to his character!



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