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He’s been trying to imitate dipping lately. I thought I’d let him dip his nuggets since he seems interested. He can’t have ketchup since its acidic so mustard it was! I checked the label and it’s safe for him and his allergies. 


He liked it! I was shocked since its such a strong taste. He did cry when there was too much though..


He had to wash it down frequently. Good job over all in my opinion. It took a lot for him to get to this point. He’s interested much more often in trying things. He still does his typical thing where he shows interest and when you offer it he refuses but more and more often he’s actually accepting the foods if he’s given the opportunity to do it like a big boy and feed himself. 

Also, this goes along with desensitization and playing in his food. I definitely feel like we killed two birds with one stone on this one. 



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So the TEFRA status is now pending! Yay! 

TEFRA picks up everything that insurance doesn’t as well as what Early Intervention doesn’t cover. Now, this doesn’t mean that we’ve been approved but it means our application has been submitted. We will know in 3 – 6 months if we have been covered by TEFRA.

Pending status also mean that we are covered in pending status retroactively for the past 3 months! So, the swallow study with barium (that he was allergic too!) back in December is covered! We get reimbursed for what we had to pay! All his therapy that we would’ve had to pay out of pocket will be covered. Luke’s daily medications are paid for too as well as co-pays and everything we have to pay until we meet our deductible is covered too. Everything at ACH we will be reimbursed for and hopefully we will be reimbursed for this year at the pediatricians clinic. We go there about 1 – 2 times a month sadly.  (We were there today as a matter of fact.)

What a blessing. Pray that we get covered by TEFRA. 



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Mama has a brown thumb and dead potted plants to prove it. I’m so good at killing plants that I can kill cacti. Yes, I am that good. 

But, I can pull weeds and teach Luke that. He picked up on that quickly. He handed me weeds that he pulled and handed them to me to toss in the pile. He’s a little smarty pants. So, I found some wooden handled pint sized gardening tools for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby in bright orange! I figured he can scratch around in the dirt while I pull weeds. 


This is a good Montessori activity also. Little ones like to imitate real life, such as playing kitchen and making mud pies, playing doctor and house. Gardening can be a fun play time too which can develop into science lessons. 



So far he has these garden tools and a watering can for his Easter basket. 


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He’s got worms..


worm friend

I showed Luke a worm in the garden after he helped me pull weeds. 


I was shocked he wasn’t afraid of it.


he was extremely interested in the squirmy thing


I was afraid he would he eat. He seems to eat only things hes not supposed to. Like dog food. 


I guess we could call this sensory desensitization .. lol.. 


he started to get a little rough with his wormy friend

dead worm

finally, when Luke got out him him what he wanted, he tossed him to the way side.. dead.


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Thats a pretty lame attempt at a title with a play on words isn’t it? 

Anyways, we went up to Wye Mtn for some daffodil photos of the little man recently. He did so great out there and love every minute of it. Thanks grandma and grandpa A for taking photos of Lukie! 


Here are teaser photos. You can either find this album on facebook or HERE AT SHUTTERFLY


sweet boy



Like I said, these are a teaser so go check out the facebook album or the photos at Shutterfly that I linked to above. Comment and enjoy!!


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His speech progression

C, the ST, said he’s doing great. Several weeks ago she said that he was ready to move to the ‘next step’ in speech therapy. That meant we talk less, explain an object once, and then see what he does. Nothing really changed which was to be expected. These things take time of course. So, Tuesday C said that Luke’s receptive language was caught up basically. [insert screaming dancing smiley here] So now we need to REALLY step our game up. He is ‘technically talking’ when he says ‘uhh’ in his inquisitive tone, urgent tone, etc. but we need to encourage him to use his words. C wants us to slow down and ask him what he wants now. In the past, the would grunt either inquisitively or requestingly and we would grab or point to the object, label it and give it to him. We were more concerned with him understanding what objects and things were at that point. Now, he needs to shows us what he knows! So far, its hard not to label it and give it to him. I keep catching myself in my old habits after Ive given it to him. 


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Here’s Luke growth comparison photos. On his monthly birthday, in a white onesie, in the same chair, with the same fluffy puppy. It’s amazing how he grows. I love seeing how the dog begins as the same sizes as him but towards the end he’s so much bigger than the dog!










month 10

month 11

month 12

I can’t figure out what I want to do with these photos. I was thinking of maybe some kind of collage or a frame with 12 slots.. Im not sure. Any ideas? Leave me a comment!


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